Sunday Pamper Session: Faves and First Impressions (Review)

s1589472-main-heroEarlier this month I celebrated a birthday– the big 22 (cue the TSwift). Everyone knows the best part about celebrating a birthday is the free gift from Sephora, so naturally I waltzed in there today to buy something super cheap so that I could get my birthday present from the beauty gods. This inspired me to get my face super clean and give myself a bit of a skincare treatment.

First Impression: After removing my make-up with coconut oil and a wash cloth, I decided to try out the skincare tool I actually purchased from Sephora today– a konjac sponge! I’ve been wanting to try out one of these bad boys for a long time, but keep forgetting about it when i’m in beauty stores. These sponges come in a pack of two for fifteen dollars (one charcoal purifying sponge and one pink smoothing sponge). They’re sephora brand.

Instructions say to put them into warm water to soften them (they feel like a soft rock IMG_0501when you open the package). After soaking, the texture of the sponge falls somwhere between the grittiness of a sea sponge and a synthetic dish sponge

Favorite: I let my konjac sponge soak for about 2 minutes before taking it out and applying one pump of my FAVORITE CeraVe Cleanser. I use this cleanser with my fingers every night, but
since I have a new tool I figure I’d stick to something familiar to give my skin a security blanket of sorts. IMG_0503

The cleanser got significantly more foam-y when using the sponge. I massaged t
he cleanser into my skin for about a minute using the konjac IMG_0507sponge, and surprisingly my face wasn’t red at all after rinsing (something that typically happens when I deep clean. Despite not receiving a harsh exfoliation, my skin felt supple after rinsing as if I had scrubbed with a microbead cleanser.

First Impression: After rinsing, I decided to try out a part of my Fresh Skincare  Birthday Gift that I received for free from Sephora. I used the Fresh Rose Face Mask.

The mask was a brown gel consistency and was easily smoothed over my skin. Immediately I felt the mask toning my pores and refreshing my face. The smell was fresh and rosy, but not too strong. I let the mask dry on my face for about 7 minutes before rinsing it easily off with just warm water.

First Impression: After patting my face dry, I decided to try yet another new product I received today. This time the product was sent to me by Leven Rose to try at a discounted rate for my honest review.

This Neroli water (or Orange Blossom) smelled to me like honeysuckle (which I loved) and felt very gentle on my skin. I am not yet able to tell if it did anything for my skin, but it sure felt luxurious going on!

Favorite: Then I applied this AcneFree night cream I’ve been using for the past few weeks. I can’t say I’ve noticed anything super dramatically different about my skin, but I can say it moisturizes deeply and hasn’t broken my skin out.

Favorite: Last, but not least, I applied what I have left of a Merle Norman Eye Cream I received from a friend. It is one of the most rich in texture eye creams I’ve ever used from a tube, and definitely moisturizes adequately.

Whether or not any of the skincare I used tonight made a real difference, it left me feeling pampered and like I was trying my best! So far, I approve of all of the new products and tools I used tonight, and am still loving my faves! Now, I’m off to watch the new Game of Thrones episode! YAY!



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