Review: Botanics Iconic Clay Mask

Disclosure: This is my Holy Grail skincare product and I am a long-time lover of this mask.


IMG_0468I’m on my third tube of this mask, so I figured I’d share why I love it so much. I first tried this bad boy out at my friend Robyn’s house. We were having a wine and pamper night and her mom had picked it up for her at target (which is the only place I’ve ever seen it in stores, let me know if you know of somewhere else to get it). I fell in love IMG_0460and haven’t looked back.

The mask is a wonderful stereotypical green color and smells like metallic dirt. Fair warning: the consistency is a little watery and you must shake the tube before each use because the product’s ingredients settle a bit between uses. It dries super quickly. I took this picture one minute after application and it was already mostly dry. I like to leave it on for approximately 15-20 minutes, but I never time it.

IMG_0469Now we get to my favorite part of this mask– you can literally see the oil and impurities leaving your skin. As the mask begins to work, the part of the mask covering your t-zone will darken over your pores. This grosses a lot of my friends out, but I love being able to see my skincare working.  After I’m done with the mask, I rinse off in the sink. Some people like to remove it with a wet washcloth, but I find it rinses clean with just warm water. Then I moisturize and go to bed! I use this mask once a week, and it’s dramatically changed my skin for the better. I find it keeps my oil-loving pores at bay without being overly drying.

y’all, I implore you to head to target and buy a tube of this stuff. I hope you like it as much as I do! My kitten approves!




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