The Four Seasons

So many changes have been happening in my life. I’ve started two new jobs, moved into a new apartment, gotten a kitten, and I now have real-life bills in my name! I’m in the midst of a huge season of change– changing both in ways I expected and ways I didn’t expect.

I moved out of Johnson University. I’ve lived, worked, and socialized at JUTN for the past four years. The entirety of my life was wrapped up into just a few acres of reclaimed farm land in East Tennessee. However, all good things must come to an end and I’m officially living in the scary big real world. I work about 60 hours a week on average and spend a few nights a week out with friends and that’s it. Long gone are the days of having so much free time I couldn’t stand it. Anyone who tells you life gets easier after classes are over is lying to you.

I’m in a wonderful relationship. I’ve been dating John for six months now– and while things aren’t always easy they’re worth it. He is by far my biggest support system and there are times I would have been homeless without he and his family over the past few months. He’s studying biochem at a local University and works part time in the tourism industry of  Pigeon Forge Tennessee. We’re both super busy, but so far have managed to set aside just enough time to be together.

I’m a mother!… to a kitten. In May I got a kitten and named him Frankie Valli (I have a long history of naming pets after celebrities). He’s cuddly and playful and a wonderful distraction when life starts to get tough. He also keeps me company in my apartment and I love him and I’ll kill anyone who gets in the way of our love. Just kidding. Maybe.

Last but not least, I live in a super cool new apartment. It’s a second floor walk up built in 1928 (the year before the depression hit) and it has French doors and open archways and original hardwoods. I got very lucky to find something so charming in my price range and while money is tight, at least I’m spending money to live somewhere I adore. What my apartment is lacking in furniture it makes up for in charm.

So, that’s my latest update. I hope to post some cool reviews or deep thoughts later this week– but until then, stay classy.









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