8 Phases of Coming Home from College for Summer

1.The Dog Excitement Phase

This phase is self-explanatory. You are driving the last 5 miles down the street toward you childhood home and you realize you will soon get to see the one important entity in your life you can’t keep up with via Facetime: your dog and/or cat. You rush through the door, bags in hand, and you greet your four legged best friend. If you’re me, this also includes making the rounds to all of your family members for a hug (when all you really want to do is lay on the floor with your dog).

2. The Relaxation Phase

For me, this phase lasts anywhere from two days to a week. After just finishing finals, there is NO WAY anyone has energy to do anything productive. You’re back sleeping in your own bed, and your parents have cable… what more could make for a better stay-cation.

3. The Justified Celebration Phase

This phase comes back to bite you in the butt, unfortunately. Because of how hard you’ve worked for the past semester, you see this as the perfect opportunity to splurge a little. In my case, this meant eating a lot of junk food and spending a few precious dollars on some new beauty products. However, in the coming weeks my pants will become tight and my wallet flat and I will have “ragrets”—just like that kid from “We’re the Millers.”

4. The Reluctant Unpacking Phase

Once your mom and dad have nagged you for a few days, it is time to unpack all of your hastily packed belongings. This phase is also egged on by the fact that you’ve probably been wearing the same shirt for four days straight (you, not me… I would never do that). You likely are struggling to squeeze your newer clothes into the drawers which still have t-shirts from the fourth grade in them. However, when this phase is done, you will feel much better.

5. The Reunion Phase

This phase pretty much is all you think about during the last two weeks of school. You eagerly text your friends and all come up with a time and place to meet. Whether it’s a sleepover or a lunch out, you get ready and you finally get to catch up with them. This phase can either be excruciating or wonderful, depending on how much you like your friends (it’s ok, don’t feel bad, not everyone has friends as awesome as mine).

6. The Haunting Phase

This phase occurs on and off from anywhere from one week to the entire summer. You will find yourself enjoying the pleasantries that are involved in summer when you feel it—the phantom homework. You feel stress start to creep up, only to realize that you actually have nothing to do. After months of having things you “should be working on” you have completely forgotten how to relax…shame on you.

7. The Bored-To-Tears Phase

This is the phase is self-explanatory and typically leads to the writing of a cynical blog post.

8. The Settled Phase

Eventually you start working regularly, develop an intense gym schedule, or other ways to occupy your time! Good for you! However, you find yourself missing phase 2 when you could sleep until noon every day (not that I did that, I’m not a lazy bum). Another bizarre thing happens in this phase—you start to miss school. Seeing your friends’ Facebook posts of all of the fun they’re having makes you reminisce on all of the fun you have at school, and you inevitably begin the silent countdown until move-in weekend



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